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Advanced Formula
Peel and Stick Posters
Peel and Stick Posters feature Super Wall Cling(tm) Adhesive
Easy to Remove, Reposition, and Reuse!
Easy to Remove, Reposition, and Reuse!

What our Customers are saying:

Customer Testimonials

"I have never dealt with ANY company that not only pays so much attention to detail, but also shows a GENUINE interest in the customer. Thank you for such wonderful service!"
Donna Copa

"In surfing the web for motivational ideas for our upcoming Invention Convention, I came across P-R Posters. It was a wonderful experience dealing with this company. Mark Peltier-Robson was extremely accommodating in ordering and delivering. The posters are of great quality and color. I would not think twice about ordering again with him in the future!"

"Posters have just arrived. A thousand thanks, they are absolutely perfect. I will definetely send those that admire them straight to your site. Your customer care is fantastic and has given me plenty of ideas to develop my own customer care department! Thank you again."
Suzanne Adlington
Exmoor Glass Ltd

"I was very happy with the quick service. These folks are on the ball! I am so pleased with my order. Can't wait to hang my posters at school. I highly recommend this company."

"I loved the posters. They arrived in excellent shape and when I showed them to other instructors at my college, they wanted to know where I got them. While I wanted to keep it to myself, I shared the information so I plan to see more of these motivational posters around campus."
B.K. Jones

"This was great it was packaged well neat and safely so it would not get damaged in trnssport. They even threw in a free pocket poster. Someone handwrote a personal thank to me on the package! I was pleased. the delivery made me smile that they were so thought ful and appreciative of my purchase."

"The service was great! It was exactly what I wanted."

"This company was great to work with!! I would highly recommend doing business with them."

"I found the site easy to use, the product delivered met all expectations. I was especially impressed with the level of individual service. They even saved me some costs by combining two orders that I had submitted separate."

"I was extremely happy with the service. Mark went well beyond the norm after I made an error. He quickly corrected the error for me which saved me $. I would recommend P-R for all ones needs. Keep up the excellent work!"

"Excellent website - found posters to fit my children, grandchildren, friends and (of course) ME. Keep them posters coming!"

"Hi, I just recently purchased a poster from you guys and just wanted to let you you know that the service was excellent. Never have I received such prompt and friendly service from an internet company as I did with you guys. I am enjoying my poster very much, it looks great on my wall. You can be assured that I will continue to do business with you and I will tell all my friends and contacts about your superior service. Keep up the good work!"
Seth Spradling

"Your site is amazing, it is definitely in my favorites now. The posters are very uplifting and positive. I have sent your link to all of my friends."

"This company went out of its way to respond personally and made me feel as though they genuinely appreciated my business."

"I am so pleased I came across this excellent site. Your posters are truly inspirational. I will recommend you to all my friends. God Bless"

"This merchant offered very good products and shipped them immediately. I would definately buy from them again"

"P-R Posters, good service, good product, good follow-up"

"Great site for teachers looking for some positive inspiration to hang up around your classroom! I highly recommend this site."

"Extremely friendly corrispondance and the shipping surpassed my expectations!"

"Great experience...very friendly. Delivery was made pronto. Prices were very reasonable."

"The quality of the posters is excellent. An additional incentive was included making it a very nice package. The posters were carefully packaged to arrive in perfect condition."

"Product arrived in ligthning speed. Correspondence and ease of ordering was excellent. I was email immediately after I placed my order and I was notified upon shipping. This was a extremely friendly and excellent Internet company to deal with."

Some ideas for use:

  • Schools and Teachers

You can easily change the poster designs in your classroom from season to season, or to correspond to your current lesson plan.

  • Dorm Rooms

The very best way to decorate your Dorm Room with Motivational Messages - No nails, tacks, or tape is required.

  • Businesses

Peel and Stick Posters provide a clean, long lasting, professional way to display as many Motivational Posters as you like - at a price you can afford. They are a very smart investment.

  • Workers

Now it's so easy for you to decorate your entire workspace without the hassle of how to mount your designs.

  • At Home

You can easily mount them on any wall, in any room. They are simple to display and change any way you desire.

  • Personal Use

As laptop 8"x10" "skins", on your briefcase, or you can even mount them or your vehicle.

There's no end
to the number of uses
for Peel and Stick Posters

a division of P-R Posters Motivational Companies
Peel and Stick Posters is a division of
P-R Posters™ Motivational Companies
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An all-in-one solution.

Tired of damaging your walls when you put up posters? Tired of paying for expensive frames? You put up a poster, then change your mind and want it somewhere else?

Then try Peel and Stick Posters!

We use Advanced Wall Cling Adhesive for our Peel and Stick Posters. That means you can...

• Put these posters on your wall without nails, frames or tape.

• Rearrange them easily. No hassle or residue.

• Store them without fear of ripping or crinkling.

• Enjoy for 50 years or more, with fade-free color and sturdy fabric.


It’s easy—Just peel and stick!

At P-R Posters, we’ve been searching for the best way to mount posters easily. When we tried this revolutionary new product, we knew we found the answer. It’s simple to use. Sturdy. And lasts a lifetime. Just remove the film on the back, position and stick. That’s it!

It’s durable—Better than vinyl!

Other posters of this type are printed on vinyl. These tend to crack, crease and break with use. Our posters are printed on flexible fabric. That gives the posters a rich, bold appearance, without the problems of vinyl.

It’s dependable—It lasts forever!

Our posters are printed with quality in mind. Their colors will never fade. They can be used indoors or outdoors. And they are all backed by our 100% Lifetime Guarantee. Give them a try; you have nothing to lose but wall space!



Easy Navigation for All Featured Designs - 10 Designs per page
click the buttons (above) to view the Featured Designs


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A message from Mark Peltier-Robson,
founder of P-R Posters™ Motivational Companies

Since I started P-R Posters™ back in 1999, I was looking for a simple, high-quality way for my customers to mount their posters on the wall. When I was introduced to the Peel and Stick Poster product, I realized this was exactly what I have been in search of for more than a decade. I am absolutely impressed with this product, and I know you will also LOVE it. I encourage you to give it a try.




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